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Who am I? 

I am a photographer born and raised in Dublin, Ireland, living in Malmö, Sweden. 

I believe that photography is the perfect way to show off what is most important to you. I love to capture the magic in your world.
I hope to use my experiences of photography to ease you along with your own photographic needs and together we all can create a little magic.

How I can help you!

I Take Pictures

Portrait Session:

I capture natural real moments that evoke emotion and nostalgia. I produce candid, beautiful shots that allow the magic of your relationships to shine through. 

I do family portraiture of little humans, adult humans, and pets. So regardless of whom you include in your family, I would love to capture it. 

To check out my portfolio go here or if you are ready to make joyful, heartfelt and celebratory portraits contact me here!

Product Portfolio:

If you don't have time for the course, and you just want to build your portfolio now and you live in the Malmö area, check out by building a portfolio package. 

I come to your business, studio, or office and take pictures of your amazing products and of you so you will have plenty of images to populate all your online corners.

I Teach Photography

Product Photography:

I teach creative small business owners how to proudly and expertly promote their business through impactful product photography. 

I can help you master what you need to know so you can have images of your products that accurately reflect the quality and pride you have in your business. 

Check out my course page here.

Photography Basics:

I also teach new and unsure camera owners to become confident to get off auto mode and take pictures they are proud of.

  • Do you own a digital camera?

  • Perhaps you have for a while, or perhaps you just brought it, but either way, you are overwhelmed by all the buttons and settings so you just stay on Auto Mode, trusting your camera more than yourself?

If this sounds like you, check out my course page here.

You invested in the camera, now invest in yourself so you can maximise the incredible tool at your disposal. 

​I Drink (a lot) Coffee

I also run a photography social community where anyone with a camera can come along and join in on fun events, workshops, and coffee mornings that will provide a social outlet while gaining camera skills in a practical and fun way. 

If you are in the Malmö area and want a photography social group check out The Cameras and Coffee Community where we have a free monthly meet-up and regular events going on. 

Hope to see you out there, camera in one hand, coffee in another!

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