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'Compose and Colour your Business Visuals'
Live Masterclass is now open for booking

Some stats The human brain can process visuals up to 60,000 times faster than text. Tweets

Why you should take this course?

Can you answer these questions confidently?


  1. What colour should your ‘buy now’ buttons be?

  2. Should your CTA be the same colour as your logo?

  3. What colour should the background be to your product shots on Instagram?

  4. How can I lay out my props so my product remains front and centre?

  5. How can I show off my product so people don’t just like it, but actually buy it?

  6. What the colour blue means in eastern culture?

  7. Can men see red the same as women? 


If you can, the course may be a waste of time, however, if you are unsure then this course is definitely for you. '

This is not a logo design course or an art class. This is a fundamental course in visual design in colour and composition that will give you practical skills that can be applied across all the visual assets in your business.

If every time you photograph or create a graphic and you feel - 

  • a bubble of stress rise up,

  • doubt creep in or

  • uncertainty descend on how to best present your work



Are unhappy -

  • with your visuals,

  • not reaching your engagement goals,

  • not getting the click rates or sales you think you should be, or

  • not reaching the right people,


Then you should take this course and get control and confidence over your composition and colour - the two biggest aspects of visual creation. 

Most importantly, by the end of this masterclass, you will have a secret power. The power of storytelling. A picture paints a thousand words so for better or worse, every image tells a story and if not done well, it will tell a story that will have people walking right out the metaphorical door.


But when done right, sending the right message to the right people can be transformative to your business regardless of the size of your business. A strong visual strategy can put you directly in front of the people that matter. 

By the end of this masterclass, you will not only know what story you want to tell but how to tell it effectively and have a strong visual strategy that will put you directly in front of the people that matter. 

If you want to know which colour they changed from and to, you need to come to the live class!

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