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Looking to improve your photography skills? 


Are you a Small Business Owner?:

Are you a small business owner and regularly need to take pictures of your products or are you in action to update your social media accounts? But you don’t know the aperture from shutter speed and you feel stressed and overwhelmed by the whole photographic process.


As small business owners, we wear many hats to keep our business going but you don’t need to wear this one alone. Check out my course custom-designed for busy small business owners here

Expose, Compose and Post - getting from the start all the way to posting phenomenal product photos online.


Product Photography 101 - Advance Product Photography.

Composition  - Composing product shots that sell.

Colour Theory for Social Media (Skillshare).


Are you a DSLR owner stuck on auto mode?:

Perhaps you have just purchased your first camera and are so excited to start a new hobby but have no idea what all the buttons do? Or you have owned your camera a while but got stuck on auto mode and you want to be more in control of your camera?

Get off Auto Mode - Getting to grips with exposure to master your camera and advance your basic photography skills.

Composition 101 - basic composition for more visually powerful photos.

How to shoot children & pets!

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