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I have never done a shoot before, and feel unsure about what to expect? 

Don't worry. everyone is a bit weary when doing their first photoshoot. Unless you have been married chances are you may not have even booked a photographer before. but I have done it before and it is my job to make it a fun, memorable experience so please trust the photographer aka me, and know you are in safe hands.

In general, people are very nervous in the first few shots, and I will most likely work hard to distract you from the camera and guide you into some poses as well. But as we get comfortable and into the rhythm, you will start to have fun with it, I promise. 

2 hours may seem long in the beginning but the time will by and you will be buzzing with excitement by the end of it!

I don't feel pretty or confident enough for a shoot?

You are gorgeous. Everyone has a good side and everyone is beautiful, I truly believe that.  What I found most magically about shoots is how everyone is self-conscious in the beginning and by the end, they are posing like a supermodel with so much confidence. Take the plunge and discover a whole new way to see yourself.

So once you have decided to book a shoot. What happens next?

Before the shoot:

Firstly I will send you over some handy guides for you to read through which will include tips on what to wear, what not to wear, a few papers for you to sign and an invoice. Payment will be required before the shoot is confirmed. 

You have an option to arrange a call with me before you commit if you want to get to know me, ask a few questions and so forth.

During the shoot:

We will meet at the arranged location, and most likely will chat a bit, I often take an opportunity to have coffee then once we are ready we start the shoot and for the next two hours we have fun, take lots of pictures and most likely will also laugh a lot. We can take a break whenever you get tired.

After the shoot:

I will send some sneak pic images via email with 48hours and deliver a full high-res edited album via Pixiset within 2 weeks unless otherwise noted at the time of booking. I can do one round of light edits on the images such as turning some to B&W if that is your preference. 

What do I get in terms of photos?

You will get a guaranteed 10 high-quality photos guaranteed for the solo couple shoot, 15 for the group shoots and it will depend on your custom package what we agree upon. There will all be delivered via Pixieset - a wonderful online photo album service where you can favourite and download your images as well as print directly from them if you choose.

I do not provide physical photos but can advise on various options to pursue if you wish.

What is the story with custom packages?

If for any reason you want to do a longer shoot, or have a large group or require some special considerations then I would recommend a custom package that can be tailored to your needs.


I generally recommend a minimum of 2 hours per shoot, but longer sessions can be discussed. I find 2 hours is a good time for small families as it gives time for you to relax and settle into the shoot, but it stops it from being too long and for children, dogs and ourselves from getting too tired. If multiple locations or large groups are involved I might recommend 3 hours as a starting point to ensure a successful session with plenty of photo combinations achieved.

I start charging at 3000SEK for a 2 hours portrait shoot. If it is a large group (5plus people/animals), I charge an extra 500 per head.

However, I truly believe everyone deserves photos they can treasure, so please feel free to reach out regardless of your budget and I can do a package to suit your budget.

I am.... My family is .... 

Regardless of who you are or how you define your family, I believe in providing a safe, fun and accepting environment. This will be a safe, fun, non-judgmental space for you to be your best selves. All are welcome.

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