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Diary of a photographer: Entry 09.03.2021 - I am Woman, I was a Medical Scientist, I will be ...

Hello everyone,

How are my caffeinated snappers? Well it has been a long minute since I last wrote a blog but things have been happening in the background. A lot of things!

I am now ready to spill all the tea because you know I would never spill my coffee!

Firstly, Happy International Women's day.

To all my female warriors out there - howya! Yesterday was all about celebrating women rights, women achievers and women awesomeness. So be you male, female or some other variety that makes up life, go to one woman today that makes your life better and give her covid friendly high five. I am so blessed to be surrounded and supported by so many strong women.

It is also a day for us to reflect on how life is tough for women and how we need to keep pushing for equality, equity and representation. The theme of the day this year is #choosetochallenge so let us do just that. Challenge any form of sexism, inequality and discrimnination we see in the workplace, out in public and perhaps in ourselves. We all have our biases and our beliefs and it can be hard to see that, but not impossible. So let us choose to challenge it, stand up for those who can’t, and support and encourage those that can stand up for themselves.

So, the tea, what is the tea?

So for those who are unaware or new to this community let me bring you up to speed. Hi, My name is Sinéad (but call me Sinéy please - I am only called Sinéad when it is my mother and I am in trouble), an Irish lass who was born and raised in Dublin. I am a qualified medical scientist and until Friday, 28th 2021 I worked in a hospital’s lab running various blood tests and managing the lab side of blood transfusions. I loved my job and those I was blessed to work with.

That is me, as always with a coffee in hand :D

I have always loved photography and for the last few years I have been dabbling in a side hustle helping people master their camera with confidence and discover the joy of photography. Then one year ago (yes, just before the pandemic hit, I know, I know great timing eh?) I made a personal resolution to convert my hobby and passion to a formal side business. I planned and booked some photoshoots, workshops and was busy working out how to register the business. Then yes the pandemic hit in, we went into lockdown and I had to cancel all the various events I had organised.

I don't have many photos from my work in the lab, but this is a rare one, snapped as part of a promotion of the job we do!

Simultaneously, being a front line worker, my job got busy (to put it mildly) so I had to redesign and reimagine what a side business looks like in the day and age of living during a pandemic. I have achieved a lot considering, but I had so many dreams and ideas that I just couldn't pursue and commit to my job in the hospital and navigate living in a pandemic. It was looking bleak for my resolution, maybe it would just stay a little side hobby.

Then, God took pity on me and allowed an opportunity to open up. My husband got a (job) offer he couldn’t refuse and we suddenly found ourselves making plans to move (back) to Sweden where we first met. He started a while ago in Malmö but I wanted to hang on in my medical lab job to ensure we had navigated the post winter/christmas spike in cases. But we did that and eventually the time came for me to pack my bags, yes all four big suitcases and navigate travelling through an airport in a pandemic to find myself sitting in an apartment in Malmö with all the time in the world to make this side hobby a full time business.

So what is next?

And I can not be more grateful and excited to have this chance to explore my business idea and make it a reality. I have so many ideas on how to bring the joy of photography into your lives, to make it easier to master your cameras and how you can confidently get the photo you want every time. I have courses, workshops, so many photoshoots all in the works so please stay tuned, as I settle into this new role of small business owner and full time photographer.

Lili - A sweet girl I was privileged and lucky enough to photograph in a brief respite of COVID lockdowns. I can not wait to get back out there capturing beautiful souls in all their forms.

Oh my gosh, I am going to need so much coffee, thankfully there are some extremely good cafes in Malmö,


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