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Diary of a photographer: Entry 27.04.2021 -BTS of a portrait shoot and a homemade cappuccino!

Hello caffeinated camera toting folk, how are you this fine Tuesday?

Portrait shoots:

So as with all in the world, COVID-19 has screwed up my ability to have photogrpahy sessions for the last year or there abouts. However, in my new home in Malmö I can now do shoots as long as they are outside and we keep our distance - thank goodness for zoom lens !!

So with great excitement and a bit of nerves after a long break in shooting portraits I booked two clients - Adarsh wanting to have some images of him in his heavy metal jackets and a cute couple Chrys and Rob with their even cuter dog, Korra.

Thankfully, it was like riding a bike and I had such a blast shooting both sessions. It was great to shoot in new locations in my new town and to have the privilege to capture these folk and have a little insight into what they love.

I even was fortunate to have my husband tag along to get some shots of me getting shots of my couple.

As a photographer it is very weird to be on the other side of the lens but I think he did a great job and I am so grateful to him. He got up early on a sunday after working Monday to Saturday AND it was his birthday! He is a trooper!

What you should know when booking a photographer for a portrait session:

There is a lot of work, before during and after a shoot, it is not just show up, shoot then you are done and dusted. You need to inform and plan with your client, scout locations (especially when new to town), obsessively check weather forecasts, do a pinterest deep dive into poses, instantly forget every pose you have ever used, show up on the day caffeinated and rearing to go.

Shoot way to many pictures because you get too excited about being able shoot again, go home, back up all images, drink more coffee and start the arduous culling process.

Then edit, sort and send some sneak peeks to the client. Then edit sort and cull some more to have a refined high quality album to deliver to your client.

Then lastly, follow up with client, ensuring satisfaction and then you are done. All in all, it is about a weeks work minimum. So to the average joe, it is a few hours on one day, to a true professional it is a lot more than that.

But I wouldn't have it any other way. Especially now that I have a dedicated home office.

Home office set-up:

So a lot has been changing in my life, let me give you insight into one of the more exciting changes. Firstly, I moved from my hometown, Dublin, Ireland to Malmo in Sweden and into a new apartment. My new apartment has many nice features including a room dedicated to being my home office/studio. I am delighted with this and I hope to create many wonderful courses and content for you. When it is more than just boxes begging to be unpacked and furniture needing to be purchased (IKEA trip anyone?) I will post some pictures of it.

Homemade cappuccino for the win:

As with any move, there has been a lot of packing and unpacking going on. I finally got to the box with my coffee machine and made my first homemade cappuccino in months and it tasted goooooood!

Finally, as I sip my final drops of coffee:

I am currently developing a online course that will focus on helping creative small business owners with their photography - if you would be interested reach out and I will put you on the waiting list. I will also be updating you more information on it so if you want to know more definitely reach out.

You can you get more information here too!

Have a great day, and don't worry it will be the weekend soon enough!


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