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Welcome to the Coffee Break Blog

Hello, hello,

Welcome to my site, the community and my new blog!

Go brew some coffee, it is coffee break blog time!

I am Siney and I am a Dublin based photography mentor who found the CaCo Community. The community that empowers you to get off auto mode while drinking a giant cup of coffee.

If you have an amazing camera but keep getting dark, blurry images? But want to learn a simple, fun way to get better images? With coffee? Then welcome to the CaCo Community. You have found your people.

I love photography and the more pictures I take, the more I fall in love with photography. I think it is a fantastic hobby as well as career choice. I love how modern technology has made photography so accessible to everyone. However, it saddens me when I see people frustrated with their cameras because they keep missing the shot.

Be it too dark, too blurry and too late, people think they either need a better camera or they just can’t do photography. But I know this is not true, and I believe everyone can find joy in creating photographs and capturing memories.

The three best experiences in life (in my opinion) are - the first sip of coffee in the morning, the knowledge I just captured a perfect image and seeing the lightbulb go on when someone realises they now understand or can do something they didn't know a minute ago.

So I decided to take my three favourite experiences and I formed the Cameras and Coffee Community aka The CaCo Community.

It is a safe space to explore and master your camera via fun, engaging workshops, events and courses as well producing online content that can be consumed while drinking a cup of coffee.

I provide simple, to the point explanations and lessons that can be utilised straight away from my ‘tip while you sip’ on Instagram to coffee break blogs (you found this one already) you can expect always easy to follow, easy to implement tips and tricks to help get you off auto mode.

This way people can be empowered to take control of their cameras and photographs and find the joy of capturing the image they envisioned.

I hope to see you virtually on Instagram and Facebook and then in person at my next event or workshop posted first to facebook and here.

Happy sipping and happy shooting,


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